If something happens to you ...

How will your loved ones know how to find everything they will need?

Here's how ...

You write some emails Setup We store them securely
A countdown starts Timer You choose the timing
When you check in Mobile The countdown is reset
If you stop checking in Email Your emails are sent

It's simple, and it really does work.

Is it safe? Secure Yes.
We'll explain more in the next few pages.
Is it secure? Secure We use HTTPS, like banks,
and our database is encrypted
Is it simple to setup? Setup It's as easy as writing emails
They just won't be sent for a while

Why Vox Mortuis?

Lots of us have complex lives that can't be easily passed on in a physical document. 

  • Control of online accounts needs to pass securely to the right people, at the right time
  • Keys and documents may need to be located
  • Documents may need to be decrypted
  • Safes may need to be opened
  • Numerous people may need to be informed
  • Some instructions may be too sensitive to write in a conventional will
  • Different people may be better suited to certain tasks than others
  • You may have financial accounts that your loved ones don't even know about

With Vox Mortuis, all your assets can be passed to the right people, at the right time, exactly according to your wishes.

With Vox Mortuis, you put in place a pre-determined series of emails that will make life much easier for the people you leave behind.

A few minutes of your time will make a huge difference. Click the link below to find out more about how Vox Mortuis works.

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